Tales of Vastor is a hand-drawn 2D fantasy party-based RPG with challenging fights and a linear story line.

General Information

Tales of Vastor offers challenging party-based fights as known in Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and other titles as well as a thrilling linear story which is guided by a narrator. The art style is heavily influenced by games like Odin sphere and other Vanillaware titles.


It all began, as you spent time with the princess on the hills. She worried about the princes behavior lately and asked you for a favor. Suddenly, you heard a noise. Of course you grabbed your sword and took a look around. You got hit on your head and were not able to keep your eyes open. The princesses cries were the only thing you noticed until finally waking up.

Cold walls of a prison cell were the only think you recognized. As well as a mysterious men standing in the shadows.

Will you be able to find out what happened to the princess?


In order to find out more about the princesses disappearance you need to travel along different points on the world map. Based on the progress, different events will be triggered.

As you progress on the map, fights will be triggered manually or automatically. Depending on your level, different enemies may approach. Each one with different behaviors and equipment. Alongside to casual enemies, bosses will stand between you and the princess.

The fights are turn based with two parties – your party and the enemies party. You are able to attack the enemy with the casual attack or use power attacks, which are special abilities learned over time. By using your power attacks wisely and not wasting your power, you may be able to defeat the enemies.

As you progress in the story, you will be able to choose new party members. Be careful who you choose, since you will only be able to have one companion at a time.