Forest Strike – Dev Blog #1

Hi there, I want to introduce you to a project I am working on – “Forest Strike”. It is a round-based Bomberman-like game which features animals, a bunch of items, strategic elements, great pixel-art and explosions of course.

Forest Strike - Explosions

Key features


Forest Strike is built upon a round-based system, which means, you can choose from your characters which one you want to move if it is your turn. The character moves block by block using the A* path finding algorithm. At the beginning of each round you get a random amount of steps you can move with all your characters. See following example:

Forest Strike - Movement

Bombs and Explosions

Forest Strike offers an old-fashioned way to get rid of stones, which are in your way, or to defeat the opponent – Bombs. In each round, you can place as many bombs as you want, but be careful, because they can harm your character as well. Here is an example of using a bomb:

Forest Strike - Explosion


There will be a whole bunch of items you can collect in order to gain an advantage over your opponents. Some of them are passive like the “Step+” (increase the amount of steps you can walk) while others will be available in your inventory to select and use manually. Here is a short GIF of a fox collecting an item:

Forest Strike - Collecting an item

Thank you for reading! 😀

If you have questions or any kind of feedback feel free to post a comment or contact me.

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